Yulia Taits, a photographer and graphic designer from Israel, has always been enchanted with the beauty of people with albinism. She believes their stunning looks were the stuff made from legends and fairytales.

“For some time I’ve had the idea to create and photograph a project featuring albino people or people with Albinism. Their unique beauty hypnotizes me. This beauty is so pure and amazing for me, as if it was taken from fantasies and fairy tale legends, ” she told Bored Panda.

Wanting to maintain their individual beauty, Yulia left the images largely untouched. She photographed her subjects without any additional colors, letting the variety of white tones shine.

During the time that Yulia photographed the albino people, she considered herself blessed with having met so many unique and special individuals. She said it is their passion that inspired her to create her photo project and she is so proud of the amount of support she has received as a result of it.