There’s no denying that cell phones affect just about every aspect of our lives these days. It’s not that they necessarily have to either. People have turned to phones for a continuous flow of cheap thrills and easy browsing. Some would say that we are addicted to our phones to the point where the personal interactions and family have fallen by the wayside.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill has attempted to demonstrate our newfound obsession with mobile devices in a powerful photo series called Removed. Merely by removing the phone or tablet from a scene, you can see how odd life really appears from the outside. If someone were to travel from even 30 years in the past to current day, it would appear as if expressionless zombies have taken over our world.

In the project statement from Eric’s website, he says, “Despite the obvious benefits that these advances in technology have contributed to society, the social and physical implications are slowly revealing themselves.”

Perhaps the most noticeable way that cell phones have affected our lives is with our children.

Not too long ago, these young boys would crave to be as physical as possible outside. 

When we are out in public. everyone is still just looking at the screen.

How is it that life seems more interesting when viewing it through a tiny piece of glass?

Eric argues that these devices have become an extension of the body, much like a phantom limb.

“Personal devices are shifting behaviors while simultaneously blending into the landscape by taking form as being one with the body,” he said

The time after the kids go to bed used to be a time for parents to connect. Now, they just sit in bed attached to a device.

A simple gathering of friends isn’t what it used to be.

A conversation between strangers that may have happened will probably never happen with mobile devices in our clutch.

Eric explains, “This phantom limb is used as a way of signaling busyness and unapproachability to strangers while existing as an addictive force that promotes the splitting of attention between those who are physically with you and those who are not.”

Not only has the way that we interact with people changed, the world is more dangerous as a result of our connection with phones.

Some people think it’s just our youth that have been so affected by phones…

But this isn’t necessarily the case.

Everyone has been affected.

It seems that the day you’ve been waiting for your entire life is just another day on your phone.

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